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D&D Drywall and Painting is experienced at creating beautiful, professional painting projects within commercial and residential buildings. We recognize that some painting jobs can be invasive and intrusive to your home or business, and the experts work diligently and respectfully to limit customer disturbances. Before the brush ever meets the wall, we take the necessary precautions to protect your furniture, carpet, and other personal items. We first:

  • Move All Furniture & Personal Belongings Out of the Way
  • Cover All Carpets, Floors, & Immovable Objects
  • Caulk, Patch, & Sand The Area to be Painted
  • Tape Borders & Woodwork
  • Create a Small “Storage Area” For Tools & Equipment Used in the Project

At D&D Drywall and Painting, we specialize in a wide variety of interior painting services, including textured ceilings, faux finishes, and wallpaper removal and installation.

The D&D experts use top-quality paints, brushes, lifts, and other materials, ensuring that our customers get the best possible experience and value for their dollar. We also use various painting methods including brushing, spraying, and rolling, depending on which method is best suited for the job. If you’re searching for a qualified Charlotte area interior painting company, please call us at (980) 722-3681

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