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Especially as it ages, drywall can become brittle, and easily cracked. Drywall cracks and holes are common problems that are very aesthetically unappealing. While less significant damages may be correctable by the small-scale handyman around the house, larger drywall issues will need to be repaired by professional craftsmen. Water damage, drywall corner breaks, and excessively large holes and cracks are likely too tough of a job for the do-it-yourself at home.

D&D Drywall and Painting experts are experienced in new drywall installation and  in correcting all types of drywall issues, as we must repair every issue within a room during each painting project. If you are in need of drywall repair, large-scale or small, contact D&D Drywall and Painting, and we will schedule your free in-home demonstration.

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